Business Liferaft field service for small business

Slash your office paperwork for almost every part of your business. Automate Site Bookings, Estimate like a Pro. Save Fuel, Save Time.

Here's what we do.

We are here to save your Pond Maintenance and Construction Business from Office Paperwork nightmares! We can help with virtually every office job you do from Quoting, to Invoicing, Booking Site visits, managing Regular Pond Maintenance. Ensure that your business run smoothly!

Quoting and estimating made easy. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and the risk of losing critical data in emails. Utilise our database of over 1,000 pond products, customisable templates, automatic marketing pictures and information to save valuable time. Build your own custom product database for quick item selection. Harness the power of AI to enhance your writing, ensuring clarity and awesomeness.


Streamline your invoicing process. Convert quotes seamlessly into professional invoices. Or convert your Booking Reports into an Invoice with the Maintenance Pricing and Items fitted already included. Keep track of invoice statuses and effortlessly send reminders. Avoid mistakes and maintain financial efficiency. Manage payments that are due.

Booking Visits

Simplify site visits with our AI-powered automation tools. Arrange and manage hundreds of visits effortlessly throughout your Pond Maintenance season or unscheduled visits. Receive automated email notifications to keep your work dates organised. Eliminate the stress of wasted journeys and wasted fuel. Enjoy AI powered scheduling to optimise your time and manage your Customers with ease.


Take the hassle out of purchasing. Let Business Liferaft compile your purchase list for upcoming jobs. Identify the best suppliers for each item from your designated list. Say goodbye to the headache of forgetting vital parts and ensure a smooth workflow.

Customer Data

Centralise your customer information. Store addresses, emails, and telephone numbers, pond items (assets) fitted, etc. Automatically specify the correct UV Lamps, quartz sleeves and more in a secure system accessible from anywhere. Say goodbye to lost contact details and ensure seamless communication among team members.

Account Management

Stay on top of your finances. Worried about missing payments or being in the dark until you speak to your bookkeeper? Business Liferaft's Account Management system provides real-time information on payments due, allowing you to manage your data in one convenient place.

Add Artificial Intelligence to your Small Business
Maybe you have heard that AI could help or don't know what it even is. Either way we can help you get the power of Artificial Intelligence working for you. Even if you work alone and have no time to learn. Our tools are easily integrated into our App and will do many of the jobs so you don't have to!

We are in Beta now and looking for Small Businesses in the UK who want to see the latest technology working for them in their business. If you would like us to let you know when you can join the App please register your interest.

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